A Change in …

If colours were the visions I see
then let my hands let those colours be free
scribbled away from the tips of my fingers
my canvas full of the pieces that I have painted
in my mind
like a classic story
innocent as a child
presenting their moment on the fridge
in my heart I present mine
at this table the scribbles on this page arising
who knew
the inner me
an artist
a change in my night
a change in my day
a change in using coloured pens with pastels
I feel amazing
after a change in ..

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Praying For an Angel

Written 17/12/12:

By the lights
feeling the fire of what I truly desire
I close my eyes and picture you in my arms
you take me away
you take it all away
you leave me here in an eternal bliss
internal heaven
this is what I pray
send me an angel
to take me today

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Unteach My Heart

Written 1712/12 … I wrote it, might as well share it:

Unteach my heart
make it stop believing
no, dont you go doing that
only roll with what you’re seeing
separate me from loyalty
make me see his not coming back to only me
teach me how to love another
No more dreams
remove this fantasy
show me reality
unteach my heart
teach me the meaning of losing you
before I lose me

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The Truth Behind My Life

Written 26/03/13 … still stands true today:

Life became more than money. Life became more than just being around the most positive people. Life became special enough to be shared. Life became so precious that the need to jump into black holes to help others out became the new reality.

I knelt facing the altar of the local catholic church to say two main things – “I love you” and “Thank you.”

“I love you” so much that I fear hurting the Lord for any dishonesty. “Thank you” for saving me from the darkness that surrounded me for years.

I feel guilty sometimes for feeling grateful. Surrounded by negativity can cause a satisfied soul to question their own happiness.

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