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Under a tree, on this park bench


Lying on a park bench feeling lunch time breeze by with a mixed summer touch. I’m enlighted by this natural bliss; got me wanting to do more in this park than lie down or sit …
It’s different on this side of the park. Breeze softer. Sun warmer. Pace slower, just right. Slightly secluded, in the eye of the public.
A little to the left is more privacy; under that tree is more of where this needs to be.
The grass is luscious, bed like and inviting. The shadows of thick branches blanket over every move  made. The Sun tries to peak through the gaps between leaves but what happens here stays out of light and remains in shadow until I leave.

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Living the Christmas life

Definition of love is best witnessed at Christmas. ‘I love you’ through the exchange of gifts, quality time spent with family and friends, acts of charity great or small.

Jesus came to bring us light; light that gives life. Its a gift, a blessing we are fortunate to have since birth.

Let’s try something different and be this generous all throughout the year. Life beyond money and beyond the fear of not having money. I know its easier said than done and that luxury is so much more comfortable than begging for scraps. But step out into the light of Jesus. Smile daily, laugh regularly, provide comfort wherever necessary.

Let worry and fear only be for a split second in life. The rest; believe and trust that God has blessed you with skills, talents and resources to handle all situations in your life.

Let’s be merry. Let’s rejoice. For we have been given the gift of living with and in Christ on this Earth.

Merry Christmas

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There is no denying it. I want love.

To be held warmly in his arms, in the day, in the night.

I want the rush, the settling feeling, the heat of his kiss.

livestream my life via text, via conversation; what I’m doing, what I’m eating, what we will be getting up to.

drive me crazy with your stupid logic. Let me scream my common sense to you. make up and agree to something out of these petty nothings.

change the way I live my normal life. Smile more. Laugh more. wiser. carefree. free.

Once bitten, always need it. Odd that I be an addict to live in the moments of these actions.


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Jibberish noted / Change

I don’t have much to write at the moment.

I really want succeed as a writer so right now, creative writing has taken a backseat as I plan my next step to make sure I am doing what I need to to achieve my goals. At the moment, all of this thinking and research is draining any attempts for me to write something new.

Okay, that and getting ready for the NBA season to finally start! Not to mention Christmas shopping – so many countdowns!!

Well, I’m glad I’ve made it to this point. A challenging year of letting go of old habits (especially pride – and lots of it!), living by “screw it, just do it,” … it’s been tough. It’s also been fun. I want share my many stories of 2011 in styles that match the way they happened – unexpectedly, random and unique .

I wish God blessed me with a singing voice. Right now, I’m going through this lyricist phase of crafting my own songs. Playing them back so I can write these songs down is painful. I have to laugh to stop me from crying and cringing… I want to share them but this may take some time … maybe another night.


Bitter sweet misery. Happy to be changing but sad and scared to change completely. Swallowing my pride is such a daunting task after all these years of ‘standing up’ for who I am and do, regardless. I don’t like pride. It hurts.

I think I was more scared to be wrong or failing. I’ve bulldozed so many walls down. Being corrected and humbled is an embarrassing blessing. Admitting I am wrong on many fronts is belittling. But I am doing it. Pushing past every “Stop; too difficult” sign while constantly saying “I can do this!”


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