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No Hidden Passion

No Hidden Passion
No, not anymore

It’s time to get real with you
tell you how I really feel
passion is ten fold
when I’m feeling your love coming to me
and now that I got your attention
Come over here
Give me your deep digging love affair
and I’ll voice out what you would love to hear

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Will it Happen …

I was wondering whether there will be silence between us soon? Such commotions over past relations, past mistakes, past stories; will we ever get a moment to create moments anew?

Maybe if you place this jade necklace around our necks, beauty may come into our paths.

I admit I have been foolish to not realise the signs of your kind heart were dangling off you with depth and meaning. My naive vision too busy trying to be blinded by bright lights shining in the midnight lights of alcoholic parties. Who knew I could be so wrong with my perceptions of people. I thought these glasses were supposed to help me see it all.

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Where are we in this world

Battlegrounds for territory; never-ending
Left in charge
But so possessive
Greed has us being so demanding
Famine strikes but it hurts more
When the rich are eating big and the poor have nothing at all
Looking across the waters
where all these don’t happen (it seems)
They stab each other
Because one needs to be more free than the other is allowed to be
Where are we in this world
Why do we act like this
When did money rule us
Why has being the bigger man grown to be more important than being even

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From One Lovely Blog to Another

It’s been well over a month (I think almost two) but I’m sticking to my promise and paying it forward; Thank you Miss Ann (not yet grounded) for the nomination – One Lovely Blog Award.

Many times I have looked at my posts and thought “I really need some sort of direction here…” I still haven’t set sail for a particular style; still a blank canvas in many respects.

But that’s another story… back to it –

As part of the paying it forward rituals, here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. I am accident prone – Like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality – I just fall over randomly, even on flat ground 😛
  2. I love ice cream – even on a freezing cold day
  3. If I could be ANYTHING in this world – I would be a lyrical dancer and feel every beat of the music … and get paid to do it
  4. I love having moments alone to unwind, to travel and explore on my own terms (and then share them with the world)
  5. I laugh more than I talk
  6. There’s currently a mouse somewhere in my house and whenever I picture it sneaking around in the middle of the night, it’s always either as big as a size 8 shoe or a mammoth half a door tall by 3 metres long and a hallway wide! (I’ve seen it, it’s a palm size little thing … and then I see Michael Jackson’s “Ben” and think “maybe I can make friends with it” to calm my nerves)
  7. My 3 ways of getting to know a person – through what they listen to, what they eat, what they say “no” to doing or saying

Nominations Time!

I haven’t had the chance to catch up on people’s blogs of late but the following blogs have entertained and inspired the little reader and writer in me to keep active on WordPress:

  • not yet grounded| keeps my travelling around Europe dreams alive with envy, wonder and excitement – her photos capture angles of Europe that make you want to book the next flight out
  • Mostly Bright Ideas| Taking everyday thoughts and expanding them in easy to read pieces … he’s way of thinking always puts a laughing smile on my face 🙂
  • Clown Rhymes| Purely for poetic minded … like me 🙂 His blogs inspire to continue writing poems

I I’d love to keep this award going so come on, let’s keep posting! (Apologies if you’ve already done it)

Adiós Amigos!

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