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Bathing in the Sunlight

I still feel the chains pulling in this house. Scared of being wrong. Scared of looking a fool. Hiding. Living behind chains, locks & closed doors. The grass is bathing in sunlight. The breeze has come to say hello. The blue sky’s hanging around. I sit and join them. Peaceful Sunday morning despite this fly buzzing around. Afraid to go back inside. I want to bring this free spirit with me. I want to bring this moment with me. Replace the cold floors. Replace the blank walls. Replace the covers spread by one person not thinking if we want the same. Remove the suffocating force of living this limited way.

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What I’ve been Wanting to Do (to You)

No names no time
I just want you and I
no shirt no jeans
just you
We've talked about us
we let work take up our time
the outside world always intervenes
but now is the time
I invite you into my mind
let you in on what I've been wanting to do
I can slip into this blue dress
make up, heels, hair
be the definition of beauty by your side 
as we date and dine
I can hide the lace underneath
send you instructions on how I want to be
treated in the private room I have organised
tell me how you like your meat
tell me how you'd like to eat
tell me how you'd like the night to unwind
As long as you hold me close
take your tongue and lips where I need them most
I will give you what you want from me

I want you to start slow
work me with your flow
play it rough just a little
don't stop until you're all in my body, heart and mind
I'll be your woman on the street
while you be the gentleman who takes care of me
then I'll be the Amazonian goddess amongst the sheets
letting the lion hunt and prey on me
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How Are You Going to Get Me

What are u willing to give
To get all of my attention
Will you have me for one night
Will you have me for a lifetime
How are you going to show me that here is where I need to stay

Would you experiment with me day and night
Deep into thoughts, love and affection
Can you see yourself challenging your instincts while me you bite
And push yourself against me until you hear my mercy
Are you willing to be tested
Are you strong and patient
Rough and wild
Humble and wise
Rich with all you need
From wallet, to heart, to soul, to mind
Are you just going to stand me on a pile of gifts that your spare change accumulates
Or dig me up from the coal underground
go deep into mines
to uncover rough cut precious jewels like a thief
Always ready to get down and dirty with me

We can dine at a corner cafe
Sipping water from the designated drivers refreshments all day
As long as you catch me off guard with the way you speak,
let me see through your eyes
how you create life from this world that’s barely and beyond our imagines reach
Intrigued by your smile
Curious with your stare
Make me giggle with your lines
Show me how u care

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