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End This Wonder

Foolish time over
time to rise and shine
walk over to the door
and walk back into my life
end this wonder of where and what you are to me
why bother if it leaves me like a homeless witch

I could use my patience
I could be sympathetic to your emotions and endless thinking
but if it comes to love and it’s not me you’re thinking of being with

then that, my baby, is my cue to be free.

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When You’re Ready (I’ll Be Here)

I wish you would stop thinking too much
and just feel good about how you gotten this far
I know inside, you don’t feel good about you
That you’ve been feeling this way for some time
I may not be able to take your pain away
but I’ll stay as you need me and want me in your life

Just say the word and I’ll come running
I’ll stay here until you’re alright
I’ll be your ‘strong’ when you start doubting
thinking the world isn’t treating you right
I’ll speak the truth that you need
show you the missing in between
the melody while you rock to your beats
unstuck you from the world you see that tears you apart
help you be free even if we eventually part
just to see you beam joy is sweet to me
so when your ready
I’ll be here

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Take Care of You

Empty promises no more
I see how they’ve hurt you badly
let me be the rock you need to walk on to get you steady
There is so much love in you
There is so much love I get from you
I will stay here by your side
and take care of you
however long it takes
however deep we need to travel
as long as we bring the love back in your steps
get you to dance in the street lights of the sun and moonlight’s night caress
never will I leave you feeling dead
take care of you till the very end

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Are You Still In Love With Her

So clouded
didn’t think you could do this to me
get me feel so unsure and so uneasy
didn’t think I could
just let myself be so caught up in this misery
what am I doing

here I am stepping a million times
in different directions
messing my life just thinking
that I’m not the only one you dream
how many times is she on your mind
do you still think that maybe one day in time
she would change her ways
and she would make it back to you

do you still love her
even though you say you’re in love with me
do you wish you could still be with her
without the sadness in your eyes
or the break in your heart
if only she did this
and if only she did that
I know you still care
your confessions leave me crying in the dark
that’s when I start to fall apart
so what is left for me
if everything is given time
and the love of your life is still her

are you still in love with her
did I do you wrong by taking you away from it all
are you here with me
or are you wishing you were there with her
maybe we need to be both set free

are you in still in love with her
are you lying when you say you are falling in love with me

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