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The interim Lover

Who would want to love a woman like me
I’m the interim lover
The meat under covers
While the man needs time out of his relationship to breathe
A little bit of everything
Not enough of one thing
Broken down by expectations
Abused by the cheating and restless
Stubborn remarks from the quick hot tempered
Will I even love me?

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Do You Need to Label Me

Who am I to need the title underneath my chin
labeling me
like a caption of a foreign movie
Do you really need to judge me
Do you really need to treat me differently
because what you think I am
isn’t what is written on the status pinned on me

Do you need to label me before you start to know me deep
are you afraid that you will step into unfamiliar territory
why don’t you be brave and take me as you see me
as you hear me
as you feel me
why don’t you just let my words cut through and touch you
or change the way you live your life
are you afraid that you are just like me
we’re not distant strangers but reflections of each other in the dark

bare your skin
light my windows
let me see you as you are
sitting next to me with nothing to set us apart

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End This Wonder

Foolish time over
time to rise and shine
walk over to the door
and walk back into my life
end this wonder of where and what you are to me
why bother if it leaves me like a homeless witch

I could use my patience
I could be sympathetic to your emotions and endless thinking
but if it comes to love and it’s not me you’re thinking of being with

then that, my baby, is my cue to be free.

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How Do I get you to Understand Me

I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. This time around I have more than one dominating issue that rushes through my mind.
I have so many concerns, so many out of my control but I can still help in one way or another.

I sat in church a couple of times voicing out my opinions. Trying to make sense of the world that I have entered.
I look around and I see so many that need help but how, from me? What do I do? How do I listen and speak for you, Lord?

I look at myself and I wonder will I ever trust another soul. Could I ever believe that I could be their only one.
So many instances where my time was easily erased, replaced by another because what I gave was not enough to keep them satisfied all day.
How do I believe that I am not merely filling time because I seem so quiet and easy.

I don’t spend my time being sad all day. I am grateful everyday that I am loved by my creator, that I am made by love by my maker, grateful he takes good care of me. I need only look at the path I’ve travelled and smile at the light that glistens in front me. Never felt so alive, never thought I would survive, now here I am, standing strong, joyous, at peace. Standing strong, mind open and free.

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