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Where Am I in This

Flicking through the pages of your diary
Checking the meetings scheduled
Lunches and Dinners
with all these strangers
towards the end
here squeezed in are your family and friends

The fame and fortune is calling
I can hear them coming
I need to prepare for this
I’m doing this for us
those words keep me company
as I eat here alone
Where Am I in This
where’s our happy home
Let me put on a price tag
maybe you can schedule me in before
the weekend comes
and with it

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Please Stay (Because I Love You)

Oh my love
see me care
why are you questioning my love
oh my love
why isn’t it enough
you take away my joy
when you take hold of me then let go
why are we fighting
I thought we resolved this problem before
why are you crying
oh wait they are my tears that drop to the floor

Stop this crazy madness
My life your draining once more
why are you being
such a cruel lover to me
how do you expect me to stay
scared at what could happen today
why do I stay
is love enough to keep me here with you
is my love enough to keep you here with me
please stay

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Smile like the river ever flowing

smile like the river ever flowing
into the deep, surprise those passing by
the water held so pure inside
cleanse me a drop or two into the spirit of you
swim in me
feel me sweep you off your feet
a life of feeling free

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Subtle Seduction

Subtle seduction
a glimpse from the corner of her eye
slight creep of a smile from her lips
slowness in her eyes closing as her senses breathe in
moments motionless
anticipating her reaction
the crack of her mouth ready to utter an elusive whisper
her ears drift to the right with the waves of butterflies
bass of the drums dictating the rhythm of her feet
soft but direct, soft but deep
she sits by the wall
her eyes open to him
legs crossed
shoes pointing
now silently calling him
gaze locked
shoulders back
hair long flowing light draped over one shoulder
simple red dress
colour as bold as the lips that tell him to move closer
her fingers slide
quivers down his spine
from the stomach down excitement grows
she rises
she intervenes
she watches
eyes closed
a kiss below his ear
brushes her hand across his knuckles
and walks towards a door
he follows
eager for more

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