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Original Made Free

No boundaries
No Chains
No Walls
No Limits
No Conditions
No Exceptions
to be Me
As I be
Original Made Free

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My Last Words …

When I started this blog, I was full of negative emotion. I was broken, heartbroken, financially stuck, juggling two very different lifestyles. It burnt me to the ground. I remember the countless hours writing everything and everywhere trying to release myself from the thoughts that clouded my head. Daunting helplessness lingered and crawled around inside.

But here I found God. I reunited with love. I Rediscovered me. The time I spent writing here had helped me grow mentally and spiritually. I look at my life now and I feel accomplished even though, to many, it may not seem big. My thoughts evolved into ideas, a healthy lifestyle change, a career plan and my passion for bold positive creative arts returned.

I love writing. I love many forms of art. Sadly, when I’m here I feel restricted. I try to convince myself that I’m overreacting but I feel like I am staring into the hole that I was lifted out of; reading and writing here scraps my knees onto the walls as I climb down. So I’m starting again. Fresh blog, more honest and upfront posts, passionate ideas that I can share. I will keep this blog open to share, to reflect and hopefully come back to when I’m ready. My scribble lab hasn’t shut down for good, just relocating.

I am proud of myself with doing something that pursued my dreams. It started as just a thought, then got Caught in between Thoughts …

Ready for my next project …but not my last words yet … I’m still caught between thoughts …

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Trying to be Something that I’m Not

Crumbling under pressure
need to stretch out of this box
So I stand up
reach to the sky
and twist my body from side to side
but I’ve kept my eyes closed
I sit back down and put my head back to my knees
Form corners to mirror the box
and slip right in my cubicle

Little did I know there was a party outside
people dancing like  what I dreamed of
playing games and laughing
the way muted images played in my mind
Little did I know that it could all come to life
why am I here inside this box
trying to be something that I’m clearly not

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Living the Christmas life

Definition of love is best witnessed at Christmas. ‘I love you’ through the exchange of gifts, quality time spent with family and friends, acts of charity great or small.

Jesus came to bring us light; light that gives life. Its a gift, a blessing we are fortunate to have since birth.

Let’s try something different and be this generous all throughout the year. Life beyond money and beyond the fear of not having money. I know its easier said than done and that luxury is so much more comfortable than begging for scraps. But step out into the light of Jesus. Smile daily, laugh regularly, provide comfort wherever necessary.

Let worry and fear only be for a split second in life. The rest; believe and trust that God has blessed you with skills, talents and resources to handle all situations in your life.

Let’s be merry. Let’s rejoice. For we have been given the gift of living with and in Christ on this Earth.

Merry Christmas

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