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In My World of Words

In my world of words
I find myself
My true nature
when I speak
within these keys
within this time
I find myself screaming free

Crawling out of the crowds
The noise makers getting in my way
making myself reveal the girl inside
hoping I can make a woman out of me
there isn’t a dull night
I can’t turn bright make the sun rise
even though society is loud
conformity is a subsiding issue

I shouldn’t be afraid
to be vulnerable
to share the rawness of my love and wounds
I shouldn’t be worried
about not succeeding
if this is all I want to do
my heart beats louder
and its my loves that begin to win
taking over is my voice
my life alive beyond just dreaming

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Let the Belittled Speak and Come Alive

Caught in between thoughts
in between songs
in between the words of others before me and next to me
Feeling the messages strong
where is the love that we were entrusted to be growing and sharing
I could live life in the boundaries of factors that affect only me
but why would I let my heart beat at half its capacity

I close my eyes and listen to the voices that speak up lightly in the background
easily missed, pushed back by short-gain fads of loud mouths
where would we be
if we didn’t let the perspectives of wildcats belittle those who humbly live in daylight
like the souls of ourselves
let them relax and enjoy the sunshine that lies across the green grass

Let’s make life easier
let’s be simple
allow all inner-selves come alive

teach those who lost hope how to walk again across tough grounds
feed support to those who go hungry
just to keep living without letting their past wounds weigh them down
many will lose sight
they may be calm but inside un-eased
let’s carry some load to help them to the finish
rather than watch them deal with their struggling

what good is there with being alive
when we close ourselves to the poor that surrounds
don’t complain about those who are forced to live on the streets
or those who hold on defensively to the little they earn
trying to spend on trends to keep them within society’s acceptable thresholds
it is within ourselves to give them a home
where they are open, they are happy
ease those anxious of the world full of wrongs
misunderstood by the fast-paced judges of this society that always put themselves first

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How Do I get you to Understand Me

I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. This time around I have more than one dominating issue that rushes through my mind.
I have so many concerns, so many out of my control but I can still help in one way or another.

I sat in church a couple of times voicing out my opinions. Trying to make sense of the world that I have entered.
I look around and I see so many that need help but how, from me? What do I do? How do I listen and speak for you, Lord?

I look at myself and I wonder will I ever trust another soul. Could I ever believe that I could be their only one.
So many instances where my time was easily erased, replaced by another because what I gave was not enough to keep them satisfied all day.
How do I believe that I am not merely filling time because I seem so quiet and easy.

I don’t spend my time being sad all day. I am grateful everyday that I am loved by my creator, that I am made by love by my maker, grateful he takes good care of me. I need only look at the path I’ve travelled and smile at the light that glistens in front me. Never felt so alive, never thought I would survive, now here I am, standing strong, joyous, at peace. Standing strong, mind open and free.

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Original Made Free

No boundaries
No Chains
No Walls
No Limits
No Conditions
No Exceptions
to be Me
As I be
Original Made Free

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