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Where Am I in This

Flicking through the pages of your diary
Checking the meetings scheduled
Lunches and Dinners
with all these strangers
towards the end
here squeezed in are your family and friends

The fame and fortune is calling
I can hear them coming
I need to prepare for this
I’m doing this for us
those words keep me company
as I eat here alone
Where Am I in This
where’s our happy home
Let me put on a price tag
maybe you can schedule me in before
the weekend comes
and with it

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Looking Full, Feeling Empty

Sleep well I do
but only because to sadness I am blue
dreaming nothing
my heart is crying
wishing it can be loved too

when will my wish come true
when will I treat myself to being treated as a woman
treated like a lady
surprised like the breeze on a sweet spring walk

sorrow unexplainable
too many little things pile on
now a burden
how will you make me feel loved
by you

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It’s Usually a Little too Late

It’s usually a little too late when I say how I really am inside
It’s usually a little too late when I admit to the pain I put on myself
It’s usually a little too late when I turn to you for help
It’s usually a little too late because you’ve usually left
and I am left here to bleed

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The Twist

Back into my scribble lab

My world so wide so bright so dark and narrow

All the little in betweens 

caught among the swirls of daylight rushes and night time slurs

mesmerized by the disguises I use to always borrow

Never realizing my cupboard hung the ones I wore within other’s shadows

crazy in my delusions

hoping to be free with nothing more than just merely only trusting me 

who needed  the world

today … I see … I am better when I live as you and me 

as more then three when I acknowledge the depth of family

as a group like a tribe

I feel blessed by the glorified 

Why did I try to hide

Hoping to heal wounds as I died

Little did I realise

you remain here by my side

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